Have You Signed Up for Platform Circle?

Have You Signed Up for Platform Circle?

Hi Friend,

Recently, I invited you to join us as a beta user at my newly launched productivity and personal development platform for professionals and entrepreneurs, Platform Circle.

Platform Circle is your all-in-one platform to boost productivity, increase collaboration, and effectively manage your circle of connections. Our goal is to ensure you never lag behind regarding your projects, tasks, and key relationships.

Our offer is still on, and you can jump in right away. We'll give you free access to the Professional plan for 3 months. All I'm asking in return is that you take Platform Circle on a drive and share feedback with us through our private FB group or Live Chat, or Support Center.

Remember, we have more in our roadmap, such as:

  • An interactive Task Manager with Milestones

  • An integrated Calendar with Events, Tasks, and Personal Reminders

  • A Mentor Circle Directory so you can get access and answers as you build your business or career

To sign up, visit https://platformcircle.com/signup and use the code FREECIRCLE.

❤️ + Hugs,

Rotimi Kehinde