Your Purpose Is Calling: Are You Answering?

It's time to answer the call.

Hi Friends,

For everyone who wants to live a life of impact, you must learn to answer the calling of your purpose. Your actions must point towards your purpose, and you must be intentional about it.

The month of April is coming to an end, and I want to remind you to keep pursuing your purpose.

Purpose is important, but did you know that not everyone discovers their purpose? Here are 3 top reasons why most people don’t discover purpose:

  1. Comparison: Comparing what’s happening in their lives to that of others.

  2. Fear of the unknown: The fear of what might happen if they discover or do not discover their purpose.

  3. Not taking out time to discover purpose: If you don’t take out time to discover your purpose, then you are not yet set for the purpose discovery journey.

Have you found your purpose? What is stopping you?

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