Happy Birthday to Me!

Celebrating a new age...

Hi Friends,

Another birthday, and all I can think about is how much I've grown over the past year in every possible dimension: as a husband, father, leader, CEO, entrepreneur, and teacher. I am filled with gratitude. I am thankful for the life I get to live; the successes of the past year in contrast to the struggles are simply mind-boggling. The victories far outweigh the struggles, and I want to encourage anyone reading this that your best days are on the horizon. Never give up!

The last year witnessed the birth of my son, Zion, the launch of my flagship book "Your Purpose is Calling" (soon to be retitled as "The Book of Purpose"), the introduction of my new software MVP called Platform Circle, which already has over 100 subscribers, the completion of more than 10 successful political client projects, securing 3 multi-million dollar clients for my Agency, and so much more. There were challenging days, but I wouldn't trade those lessons for anything. I am thankful for my family, staff, and partners. Grateful to God for perfect health, prosperity, and a sense of overall peace of mind.

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 

If you're feeling generous, grab a copy of my book today on Amazon. The greatest gift you could ever give me is discovering your purpose and unleashing your fullest potential in the world. The world needs you to step up today.

Much love,

Rotimi Kehinde